"Jeff Thorburn may have been born a decade or so too late. His knowledge and appreciation for a simpler time when skateboarding was a little less accessible, the skateparks that did exist were generally lousy, video releases were a big deal, the internet was almost irrelevant, and shooting photos meant a late-night run to the lab or, better still, hours spent in the darkroom. Maybe it's the ingrown sense of heritage that comes with a Maritime upbringing... things tend to move slower on our Eastern shores.


"Perhaps this isolation from the general skate community found him at a young age with nothing to read but someone's brother's tattered, hand-me-down, yellowing Slap Magazines like decomposing mags found in the bushes. It would seem he then scoured the Canadian skate scene to apply this learned fiter and recognize a network of kindred souls. We find him now, fully grown, projecting this spirit and giving a voice to often-overlooked communities. We can only hope that his Maritime spirit is strong and that he will not be easily deterred from this righteous mission of expression." - Dylan Doubt

Jeff Thorburn is photographer and writer based in Vancouver. He is the editor of King Skateboard Magazine, as well as the former editor of both Concrete Skateboarding Magazine and SBC Skateboard Magazine.

Contact: thorburn.jeff(at)gmail.com 

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